1 1/2 CT Princess Diamond 14K White Yellow Gold Enagagement Ring

The princess cut engagement ring is so popular and seen so often, you’d think it’s been around for hundreds of years. In reality, the princess cut as we know it today was only created in the 1970s. But the stone’s dazzling elegance and sparkling brilliance quickly made it the second-most popular diamond engagement ring for […]

Colin Cowie Diamond Infinity Men's Wedding Band

Most of married men wear little or no jewelry other than their wedding ring. Because of this an unusual wedding band really stands out and, in fact, can say as much about a man as his clothing or the way he wears his hair.

Arley classic pear shaped engagement ring

Shape of the stone is one of the most important factors to consider when you get serious about buying an engagement ring. In this article, we’re going to look primarily at diamond rings which often don’t receive the amount of attention they truly deserve.

Cabochon Criss Cross Diamond And Opal Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a ring that will make you stand out in the crowd then there’s no better choice than an opal engagement ring which shines and sparkles while showing all the colors of the rainbow

Le Vian Morganite Ring With Diamonds 14K Strawberry Gold

A high-quality morganite ring, particularly one with a large stone, can have the same effect as rings with diamonds, emeralds or rubies. Since chances are good that you know very little about morganite, here’s a an article explaining everything about this beautiful and versatile stone.

Triangular Jade Drop Earrings in 14K Gold

Jade is one of the world’s oldest known gemstones. It has been prized for millennia as a weapon long before it became a centerpiece in some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry. Casual purchasers of jade jewelry choose the stone primarily because of its beautiful green color, perfect for everything from necklaces to rings.

Turquoise Enamel Gold Plated Sterling Silver Butterfly Bangle Baby Bracelet

Buying jewelry for very young children is becoming more and more among parents and grandparents. It may seem that this is a recent trend, however, the gifting of baby jewelry is actually a tradition dating all the way back to ancient cultures.

Aquamarine Heart Engagement Ring With Diamonds 10k White Gold

No one can deny that diamonds are beautiful and meaningful. But women usually spend a lot of time searching for shoes, dresses or accessories which will make them stand out from the crowd. Why shouldn’t their rings stand out in a sea of diamond engagement rings?

Amour White Gold Round Cut Diamonds And Alexandrite Fashion Halo Ring

Alexandrite is a gemstone with very unusual properties. It has an ability to change colors from red to green depending on lighting conditions. The saying “emerald by day, ruby by night” comes pretty close to describing the appearance of true alexandrite.